Rainbow Coloring Page


Rainbow Coloring Page. Colour is an expression of living, and the living. Imagine a new without color? The basic of each color is black and white. Everyone knows theta it is from the fundamental white light that gives all of us the bright and vibrant rainbow with seven range colors. With so many colors as well as shades of colors, earth is actually rich with beautiful blossoms, and colorful chirpy wild birds, attractive butterflies, and numerous creatures and plants that has created the nature most beautiful. The importance of colour is expressed in our clothing too. We wear various color dresses even to complement the occasion and our own mood.

If you were to overlook all of the file folders, publications and scribbled Post-It information, one of the first things you'd observe about my office will be my fondness for The Magician of Oz . Along the wall space and bookshelves are postcards of Dorothy and The Awesome Witch, a stuffed Scarecrow and a Cowardly Lion hands puppet. There's also an 18 in. rainbow on my desk. It's rather a candleholder, a simple black decorative bridge with small cup votives of red, fruit, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. To me this is a symbol of hope and also inspiration, a reminder of how shade became my muse.

It really is unlikely you will find a child that will not enjoy a coloring activity every now and then. A coloring activity may take on many different forms. It may be just one part of a larger task or as simple as a color sheet. With the creation from the internet parents can find a variety of themes and coloring actions by finding an online colouring site. Here are some of the well-known topics to color.


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