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Marvel Coloring Pages Kelly Thompson is amazing in taking characters we think we all know and reinterpreting them for any new audience. She’s carried out stellar work on both Jem and the Holograms for IDW (bringing those characters returning to glorious life with performer Sophie Campbell) and A-Force for Marvel (with designer Ben Caldwell). Now, she has doing it over at BOOM! Galleries with Mighty Morphin Energy Rangers: Pink, a six-issue limited series focused on the initial Pink Ranger, Kimberly Not easy! MMPR: Pink #1 discovers Kimberly trying to move on through her time as a Strength Ranger. She continues ready career as a competitive gymnast, but soon-thanks to a secret involving her parents, that are now living in France-she will get pulled back into her red uniform. It’s like the cosca. Just when you think you are out, they pull a person back in! Here’s the official get info from BOOM! Companies:

Well, it’s always a thrilling challenge to take on beloved attributes and try to update them-to discover what still works regarding them years later as well as lean into those things to produce something that can hopefully motivate both longtime fans along with a whole new generation. Marvel Coloring Pages I was provided to pitch on Pink Placer and told that I might really cut loose on what type of story I could tell along with Kimberly, so that was extremely appealing. Fortunately the excellent Brenden Fletcher and I had comparable stories in mind! I do need to say that Power Rangers is challenging than Jem and also the Holograms just in the amount of episodes you’re speaking about before you can feel confidently up to date. Fortunately we had great writers in Dafna Pleban, Alex Galer, and Matthew Levine to help us along the way.

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