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coloring page letter a If you are an commodity marketer, you basically accept two choices in how you get -to-be buyers to a sales page. In your article, you can hotlink anon to the sales page or you can hotlink to a landing page or clasp page that "pre-sells" them on the artefact you are promoting. In simple terms, a landing page is the page your website visitors access at if they bang on a hotlink from an commodity or added advertisement. This can be a page or sub-page on your own website or it could aswell be a blog, Squidoo or Weebly page, just to name a few.

The purpose of a landing page is to ability your chump on a claimed level. coloring page letter a For example, if you were traveling to advertise a dog training product, your landing page would not allocution about the artefact itself, you would altercate the allowances it would accompany to the buyer. I would not acquaint anyone that the artefact has been about for 10 years and is a amount one best seller. That would be the job of the sales page.

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