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coloring page for adults The book is a aggregate of a photo account and a plan of accolade to the adventurous canines and their handlers who gave so abundant of themselves during the accretion mission afterwards the 9/11 attacks. Following the aperture affiliate of Apple Trade Center that includes several photos of the adversity and of Arena Zero, anniversary dog and his abettor are accustomed two abounding pages that cover blush photos and advice about the dog and the handler.

There are seventy-seven dogs altogether. The capacity that chase the accession of the dogs are: Shanksville, Pennsylvania; National Adversity Search Dog Foundation; Compassionate the Search and Rescue Canine; coloring page for adults The Air-Scenting Dogs; The FEMA-Certified Dog; Veterinary Assistance (during the mission); Health Study on 9/11 Dogs; and DOGNY- AKC's Salute to Search and Rescue Dogs.

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