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minion pictures to print I am attached to all the characters, but the tale began with Gaelen as well as Nelwyn. Both are based on individuals of my acquaintance, plus they are very different. Gaelen is the main leading part character, a sort of 'Everyelf. ' She is practical and very qualified in her hunter-scout's part, an adept fighter and also survivor with a wry spontaneity. But her main advantages are her ability to notice directly into the heart of a scenario, and know it so that it is. She judges everything on their own merit despite facing outward appearances. She is passionate, ingenious, stubborn, self-willed and self-employed. She leaps quickly to some decision and is driven to transport it out. She is a fire-spirit with a tender heart underneath.

Nelwyn, by contrast, is a water-spirit. Her personality is less unpredictable; her passions run heavy beneath a calm exterior. Nelwyn is both younger and much more innocent than Gaelen. The girl tries always to see the best lawn mowers of people and situations, while her cousin is far more dubious. minion pictures to print She is taller and more gorgeous than Gaelen, who is little in stature and is usually boyish for practical factors. She is a wonderful confidante along with friend, steadfast in the girl loyalty, and sensitive towards the needs and feelings regarding others. She serves as an excellent moderator to her fire-hearted relative.

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