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free minion coloring pages These days, Juanita Watson of Readers Views talks with writer C. S. Marks regarding her book "Elfhunter: An account of Alterra, The World Which is, " AuthorHouse (2007), ISBN 9781420894608. This is the first within a trilogy of fantasy fictional geared for both mature and young adult visitors. C. S. Marks, Ph. D. has often already been described as a 'Renaissance woman'. The daughter of academic moms and dads, she holds a Ph. D. in Biology and it has spent the past two decades training Biology and Equine Technology. She is currently a Full Teacher at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods University in west central In.

She began writing soon after the untimely death associated with her father, who was the Professor of American Literature in Butler University. free minion coloring pages A talented artist, she has produced pictures and cover art for many three books. C. H. plays and sings Celtic music, writing songs each silly and serious, as well as she is an archery enthusiast and makes hand-crafted longbows utilizing primitive tools. Horses tend to be her passion, and D. S. is an accomplished horsewoman, having competed in the sports activity of endurance racing for many years.

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