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The fifth of May is a substantial day for Mexicans, being the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla, a struggle between Mexican and French forces that has become emblematic of the Mexican spirit and determination to thwart foreign aggression.The conflict of Puebla occurred in 1862. Leading up to the occasion, in 1861, Mexico announced a temporary moratorium, or postpone, on their foreign debt. After discussions, the English and Spanish left by 1862, however, the French remained.The French were hoping to set a monarchy and also had layouts to curtail United States' power in North America.On their approach to the Mexican capital, the French forces necessary to pass through the town of Puebla. Though they were greatly outnumbered, it was here that the Mexicans, headed by General Ignacio Zaragoza, was able to conquer the French forces.

Although the battle of Puebla was a victory for Mexican liberty, the French returned a year later and were effective at carrying over Mexico City. Ferdinand Maximilian of Austria's Hapsburg House was chosen by Napoleon III as Emperor of Mexico and also for three years dominated in the Chapultepec Palace in Mexico City, that had been assembled from the Spanish.The French had started to overextend themselves in Mexico since they spread their hands of the region. Shortly the American Civil War was over and the United States advised the French of the Monroe doctrine which said they'd deal with any colonial disputes over the Americas as hostile towards the United States and might measure in. This induced the Napoleon III to withdraw troops from Mexico.

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