grinch stole christmas coloring pages


grinch stole christmas coloring pages The Whos are preparing for their Christmas party. He pushes her off and says that this is how Whoville celebrates Christmas.During all these busy preparations, the Grinch comes down Disguised among the Whos. Cindy Lou satisfies him. When everybody realizes he's been there, they behave fearful.She interviews the two elderly ladies who adopted him when he Was a baby. She interviews the Mayor of Whoville. He travelled up the mountain, outfitted a cave and has been there all these years.Christmas Whobilation. The mayor wants that honour but Cindy Lou nominates the Grinch. Everyone agrees. She moves up the mountain to invite him. He makes the decision to take the honor and goes down to the bash.

Once there, the Whoville folks are so over-excited, they frantically dress him, feed him, pull, push and shove him. He attempts to prevent them and really says, "Stop, too much, too soon." They pay no attention; he becomes mad and destroys the entire town's Christmas. Little did he know that they had "spares" of everything, which they quickly brought out and place up.The Grinch can't stand the situation. He goes down again He takes everything back up into his mountain and is going to ruin it when he suddenly hears singing. He thinks. The Grinch realizes that the folks of Whoville now know that Christmas isn't about purchasing, becoming, giving or decorating. It is about family and friends gathering together and loving each other. It's about feeling content and thankful for what they each have. It's about peace and accurate "good will" one of all.

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