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christmas stars coloring pages Christmas customs are full of fantasy and fact. In America, we tend to believe Christmas tradition is the exact same all around the world, when actually it is celebrated everywhere, and so is different all over the world.Planning for Christmas in Africa begins with a bunch of People that are designated to prepare the yearly Christmas pageant. Then, Christmas day starts with groups of carolers walking through the village, across the roadway, by the homes of the missionaries, singing Christmas carols.The most important part of their Christmas worship service Is your love offering, this is the present in honor of Jesus. Then at about eight or nine o'clock, everyone makes their way into the celebration of the birthday of Jesus. Everyone who attends the ceremony goes forward to put down their gift upon the raised platform near the Communion table.

Not one individual will attend the service without giving a present.Christmas in Australia is often very hot. Where American's A Standard Australian meal includes a turkey dinner, with The hot weather enables Australians to enjoy a tradition that started in 1937. Carols by Candlelight is held every year on Christmas Eve, and tens of thousands of people gather in the city of Melbourne to sing their favorite Christmas songs. The evening is lit by as many candles singing below a clean cut night skies. The sky with its Southern Cross stars is like a mirror. Santa frequently arrives to a surfboard or a motor boat. Australians surround themselves with Christmas Bush, a native plant that has small red flowered leaves.

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