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christmas present coloring pages Annual Independence Day parties on the 4th of July, Memorial Day celebrations, Flag Day parties, Veteran's Day parties, as well as Thanksgiving Day parties, are chances to allow our patriotism reveal from the colours we wear, as well as the customs and associations we honor.It started as a party to honor Union soldiers that died in the American Civil War, but following World War I, it had been altered to include anybody who perished in any military actions.Back in April of 1893 the first Flag Day has been suggested and announced to be held in honour of the flag which represents America annually on June 14th.

Though these vacations all disagree, and have different traditions and components unique to every vacation, all of them hold our American customs and beliefs treasured. With patriotism running large, the vacations where we honor our nation, and people who fought, and are still battling, for liberty throughout the world, are especially precious to us all. Celebrations, where friends and families gather to honor our nation, our nation's soldiers, veterans, and loved ones both close and far, have grown into parties of patriotism. Families gathered together for all these parties still celebrate in the conventional ways, but there's a feeling of pride, a feeling of honour, a sense of this recognition that what we hold dear such as liberty, such as democracy, such as the pursuit of joy, aren't a given, and we only appear to hold those subjective things that define life in America a bit more precious.

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