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christmas ornament coloring pages There are many safe and healthy foods out there which you can buy for your dogs. Here are the things to look for: First, check the Food and Drug Administration's Dog Food Recall List. If your food is not listed, to be doubly sure that there isn't going to be an issue found later, there's a simple solution for the FDA 2007 recall: AVOID ANY FOODS WHICH LIST EITHER WHEAT GLUTEN OR RICE PROTEIN POWDER IN THEIR INGREDIENTS LIST! These are both issue ingredients that were found in goods coming out of China. Learn how to look at the tags for foods which use quality ingredients. Avoid chemical compounds, as well as artificial coloring and flavoring.

Variety is not only the spice of life, it may help keep your pets safer. In reading articles, listening to news broadcasts, and keeping up with the issue by tuning in to syndicated radio conversation on the topic, I heard something that echoed loud and clear: Many experts believe that one of the reasons that cats and dogs died from eating the tainted food, instead of become sick and recover, was that their diet consisted of just one food. In such scenarios the dogs and cats received the recalled food over and over again, which resulted in kidney failure in the case of these tainted goods from China. Moving forward, I decided that it's an excellent idea to supplement my trusted dog food with home made food that I cook myself. This provides my dogs the variety that currently seems to be important. Sometimes I mix the home made food in with their dry kibble, and sometimes not. Other times I feed them the house cooked food alone.

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