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christmas holiday coloring pages christmas holiday coloring pages They are obsessed with buying, giving, decorating and getting. Right from the beginning Cindy Lou, about 8 years old, finds all this action and asks her dad if it is"right." He pushes her off and says that this is the way Whoville celebrates Christmas.During all these preparations that are busy, the Grinch boils down disguised among the Whos. Cindy Lou satisfies him. When everybody realizes he has been there, they behave fearful. Cindy Lou starts to feel sorry for the Grinch; she is decided to find out more about him.She interviews both elderly women who embraced him when he was a baby. She also interviews that the Mayor of Whoville.

And, she interviews Martha Mae, the woman he liked in regular school. Cindy Lou comes to understand that the other children at college mocked him, made fun of him and ridiculed him. And, so the Grinch left. He travelled up the mountain, armed forces a cave and was there all those years.Every year Whoville elects a Cheermeister to direct the Christmas Whobilation. The mayor desires that honour but Cindy Lou nominates the Grinch. Everybody agrees. He makes the decision to take the honour and goes down to the bash. Once there, the Whoville folks are so over-excited, they frantically dress him, feed him, pull, push and push him.

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